HAPPY FIRST DAY of THIRD GRADE, julian-jacob worrell of family saloom, Love your Real Mummy, joni-faith of family saloom!

August 26, 2015 (Wednesday):

This is the fourth first day of school in over three (3) years, that they have kept us apart, and they know who they are, and so do we, my sweet little boy.  They appear to have no remorse, no matter how nice or cordial Mommy tries to be.

For example, I left you the sweetest voicemail message, as I do every year, on the night before your first day of school on the only number I have for you just before what I imagine is your standard, school year bedtime now that you are eight (8) years-old.

Then, knowing that you are in desperate need of your real mummy who no one else could possibly love as their own body,  berthed/birthed on their own waters and of the same physical, intelligent, emotional, expressive, associative, property having what are called, reciprocal rights, meaning both yours and your natural, real Mommys’  u.S. constitutional rights, I felt forced to phone one of your four times documented kidnappers, Grandma Diane M. Worrell in Houston, Texas,  to ask her very politely, if you weren’t there, to please have you call me.  She snarled, smugly and nastily,

“Go To COURT, ” laughing, and hung up the telephone on me.

I write all these journal entries so that you know that Mommy never stops fighting for you to the best of her current ability.  Mommy spends immeasurable time meticulously journaling for you in  paper- preserved journals and documents to do as you desire with them when you turn 18 and can take Grandma Diane’s and Daddy’s threats to mommy to go to court to ever see you again, then legally go to court and enforce your own reciprocal–the same rights as Mommy’s.



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