Good Morning, Houston!


Dear Julian,

In case you were wondering what happened to mommy, know that Mommy is alive and well.  Our country is just apparently at war with women, mothers, but they did not tell us.  Daddy and his family, as you well know by now, capitalized on their weak foundation and apparent utter lack of Holy Spirit to bribe a judge and later make it appear as though Mommy did not work two jobs since she was fifteen and put herself through college and continue until they tried to kill her and put her out of commission as a “wild horse” to pasture.


Mommy did work two jobs since fifteen years old, put herself through college, and quite excellent ones, and continued to work the rest of her life until the system, and Daddy, cheated and put the wrong color flag in a computer box to deceive the rest of the world to continue to rob her, and also you.

The truth is out.  The veil has been lifted.  Please feel better that Mommy is a winner, and know this.  Our family value is not to cheat, lie, or steal–The Good Book, but i trust you know that, already.

I love you.  I hope you have a wonderful day at school today.  i wish i were there with you.  i am, in thought.  God willing, we shall be together again, soon.

Love with lots of hugs and kisses,

Your real mommy, joni-faith: of family saloom

P.S.  Winning a battle does not mean one has “won” a war, for indeed, that is a marathon, not a sprint.  Mommy was–is–a distance runner, and so are you, my dear, cute little munchkin.  I’ll race you to the next pole.


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