A Mother Erased

Memories of an Alienated Daughter

When your mother disappears from your life when you are a child, you are left with a deep seated feeling of unworthiness. No matter how much logic you are able to gather in adulthood that tells you it is not your fault, not a reflection of your lovability, the belief has already been firmly planted in your heart. Your own mother did not even love you enough to stick around. You are damaged goods, discarded, humiliated.

I have lived with this underlying feeling of inadequacy for forty three years now, deeply loved by my husband and my children, yet unable to rid myself of this emotional affliction. But I finally know what will change this. I finally know how I can go about changing that destructive belief that settled inside of myself the very day my mother left our home.

It is so simple, yet it won’t be easy. The…

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