Merry Christmas “J.J.” Worrell Love Mommy Joni Faith Saloom (2015)

December 25,2015 (Christmas Day)

Dear Julian,

I called the only phone number I had for you (Daddy’s cell phone) at 5:40PM.  It went straight to voice mail.  I left you this message that you probably never got: ” Hi, Julian.  It’s Mommy.  I wanted to tell you Merry Christmas.  I love you.  Call me.  You have the number.”  Although this has been the pattern ever since you were born, I will always try for you.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing my job as your real mommy, your natural mother for whom there can be no substitute.  Besides, The Holy Bible tells us to have faith, no matter what, and also to have the heart of a child.  For, without these things, one could not possibly get into Heaven.  This is also your mother’ s job–to teach you about the Lord and to prepare you for a moral life for that final destination.  Please also remember that it is just as much about the journey as the destination.  It is the little moments in life that add up and make it worth living, no matter how dark life can get, or bright.  It is killing me that we have both been robbed of all of these little precious moments together.  I’m not sure you will ever understand how much this has killed mommy.  But know this.  Mommy is a warrior, and so are you.  It is in our blood as Salooms.  On that topic, I found this on the Internet about Puppup, or, your great-grandfather, Dr. Raymond Jacob Saloom, Sr., Grandma Mary Jane Manno (Saloom’s) husband, my Daddy’s parents.  I hope someday that you find this and get to know how special you are.  Click the link,  (page 25). Here is a little more history about Puppup.  I enjoyed finding his picture from medical school in The 1960 edition of The Synapse, the yearbook where Puppup attended medical school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Here is some more Saloom history with lots of pictures on Puppup’s side of the family;  Please never give up hope on coming home to your real Mommy, Joni Faith Saloom.

Love always, unconditionally–no matter what,

Julian’s Real Mommy,

Joni Faith Saloom






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