Julian Worrell’s Real Mommy Wonders (What a Mother Needs to Know) . . .

Third Grade BlackboardThings I Wish I Knew About My Only Child, My Son, a Part of My Own Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Expression, Creativity, and Culture and Intelligence

question mark

April 17, 2016, a Sunday

Dear Julian,

  1.  Who holds you when you are sick?

boy.falling off bike

             2 .  Who kisses your knee and puts a bandage over your boo-boo when you fall?

          3.  How do you like third grade?homeworkboy sleeping on desk.cartoon

          4.  What are your favorite subjects?

          5.  Do you still play soccer?  What other sports do you play or want to play?  Remember   “Soccer Superstars?”Soccer.cartoon

         6.  Who are your friends?  What are they like?  What are their names?  How old are they?

        7.  Do you have a pet?  If  so, what is his or her name?  What is your favorite animal?

         8.  Is your favorite song still “Dyno-Mite?”  What other music do you like?boy.playing guitar

choir  9.  Do you like to sing or dance?  Are you in the choir?  Do you want to play any musical   instruments?

10.  Do you sleep well at night?  What do you snuggle with, if anything?  Do you say your prayers every night before bed?boy.sleeping

    11.  Are you brushing your teeth thoroughly and flossing two to three times per day and staying away from fruit snacks like the dentist  warned?

   12.  Are you getting enough love and special, individual attention  from your father?  How do you feel about having your natural  mother and her natural love and affection for you ripped  away with no meaningful contact, visits, phone calls, letters, gift, or birthday cards for years, against our wills, and for no good reason, or for any reason at all, as you once indicated?  Does your heart ache like mine when something reminds you of the life we used to share?  like your heart used to ache when Daddy refused to talk to  you or pick you up?  What about holidays, birthdays?  Know  that mine aches every single second we are not together, and where someone other than God has, without any good cause   reason, set out to destroy our relationship forever.  Remember that Mommy, your real one, never ever tried to keep you from your daddy or his family.


13.    Who reads you to sleep every night, if anyone?  Who do you read to?  Are they listening like Mommy?  Do they help you with your homework?  What are your favorite books?

14.  Do you have any ideas about what you might like to be when you grow up?  If so, what makes you want to do that job?jobs-people-do

15.  Do you still like to swim?  Are you super fast?    Do you prefer to swim under water, or on top?  Do you know how to dive yet?


16.  Do you still like to tumble?  Do you remember “Tumble Team?

17.  What do you look like, now?  What do your school and extra-curricular pictures look like?  What kind of haircut is your favorite?  What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

18.  What time do you go to bed every night?

19.  What time do you get up for school in the morning?

20.  Who signs your homework folder?  Are you getting the help you need with writing or helping you with homework?

21.  Where do you go on vacation each spring at the same time when you miss three days of school (“unexcused”) in-a-row?

Do you compete in summer reading contests?

Do you have babysitters alot?  How often?  How does this make you feel?

How long each day do you get to spend quality time alone with Daddy?

22.  What do you like to do on the weekends?

Are you happy?

Are you lonely?

Do you get enough sleep?

Do you ever feel like a prisoner in someone else’s house?

23. What are your favorite movies, games, and television shows and characters?

24.  Did you ever get to play baseball or football?

25.  Are you still a super fast runner, and do you get to go on long walks or jogs in the park like you did with Mommy under the great big mysterious, magical moon?

26.  What are you like in class?  Are you the first one to raise your hand, or are you sometimes shy to participate?

27.  What is your favorite food, now?

Do you go out of your way to sit with or help those who need it most at school and/or outside of school?  (kindness, compassion, and caring as values and morals)

28.  How tall are you?  How much do you weigh?  What size clothes and shoes do you wear?

29.  What is your favorite hobby or thing to do?  What do you do to relax after school?

30.  What do you think about art, music, and physical education/gym class?

31.  Is school getting harder this year?  What challenges you the most?  Do you enjoy challenges?

32.  What motivates you?

33.  What is most rewarding to you?

34.  Do you volunteer at all?

When did all your secondary teeth come in?  Did you get a lot of money from the “tooth fairy” for the ones you lost?

What were some of the favorite gifts you have gotten for Christmas, your birthday, and Easter?

Have you saved any artwork in your safe for Mommy?

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, if at all, every year?

Valentines Day?

Do you feel like you have to compete for attention at home?

What kind of chores do you do?  Which one is your least favorite?  Which one is your favorite?  How come?

Have you ever had a “sweetheart”  or a crush on someone at school?  Has anyone at school, that you know of, ever had a crush on you?  If so, was it embarrassing?   Who was it?

35.  Do you attend church or youth group?

36.  Do you prefer to be alone sometimes, or need a break in between activities alot, or do you prefer a lot of noise and to always be around lots of people?

37.  Do you have your own telephone?  Are you even allowed to use a home or daddy’s cell phone?

38.  Do you get to surf the Internet on a computer?

Has there ever been a time when you really wanted or needed to talk, or cry, to Mommy, but you couldn’t?  How did that make you feel?

How do you like having to share, or split things?

  Did you ever wonder if Mommy thought you didn’t want to see her (though that would not have been true)?

39.  Do you like to write?

40.  Do you have nice neighbors?

What was your costume for the last three Halloween’s?  Did you get to go trick-or-treating?

Are you still the champion in that online math competition for your school like you were in kindergarten?  What was the name of that program?

Do you get to go on Easter egg hunts near Easter time every year?

Have you seen any blockbuster movies at the cinema lately?

What kind of food do you think is really yucky?

Do you like to roller-skate or go ice-skating?

Did you ever get to use that Sponge Bob tennis racket I bought you?

Do you know how to write and send letters in the mail?  Do you have any pen pals?

Do you like to draw?

Have you ever been in a school or church play?  If so, I hope I get to watch it someday.

Have you saved photos for Mommy, locked away in your safe?  Mommy has saved all your mementos in your little schoolbus album, just like the one I had in elementary school, also purchased from Scholastic Books School Book Fairs.

Do you get to express yourself creatively and artistically, and use your imagination?

 Are you getting plenty of exercise and fresh air or sunshine?

Do you have a favorite sports team?

What is your favorite model of car?

Have you ever been bowling?

Do you still have a Piggy Bank?  Do you save your money, or spend it right away?  Do you have to earn it, or is it just given to you?

How important do you think it is to be yourself and not just go along with the crowd, especially if they are doing something that you know could get you/them in trouble?

Who takes you shopping for clothes, toys, and school supplies and shoes?

Have you ever traveled out of Houston, Texas and Tomball?  If so, where?  Did you travel by boat, airplane, bus, train, or by car?

Have you ever gotten lost before?

Have you ever been camping, or hiking in the woods?

What were your real feelings about “supervised ‘visitation’?”

Were you ever scared for you or Mommy there?

What are your favorite video games?

What do you hope to accomplish/achieve some day?

Have you taken your standardized and achievement tests yet this year?

Do you get nervous about tests, or not at all?

How does it make you feel when you drive by yours and Mommy’s old house?

If you had a million dollars to spend, what do you think you might do with it?

Do you still like to work puzzles?

Are you still tricky, sometimes?

Do you still have mommy’s smile?  Are you allowed to show it?

Are you afraid to talk about or ask questions about Mommy, or the other part of your family?

Are you not allowed to speak of Mommy or her family?  If so, how does that make you feel?

Do you think that is right, or wrong?  Why or Why not?

Do you have to study to make the excellent grades that you do, or does it come naturally to you?

Are you ever bored in school?

Do you love school?

Is gym class still your favorite, or lunchtime (ha-ha)?

What do you do in homeroom?

Do you think you spend too much time on homework, or not enough?

What does it take to make straight A’s?

Have you experienced the feeling of a job well done as its own reward, in and of itself?

Is the work too easy sometimes?  Too hard?

Did they test you before kindergarten?

Are you in Boy Scouts?

Do you like to bake or cook?

Do you enjoy gardening?

What is your favorite flower?  Tree?  Plant?  Insect?

Do you like to play in the dirt and get dirty?

Do Daddy and Nancy make you go to counseling for his attorney’s purposes for court?  How does that make you feel when you do not feel you need counseling for anything that is not your problem, but rather, someone else’s?

How important is being honest and doing what is right, especially when it is really hard?

Do you think that telling lies, even just little white lies, or rumors, hurts other people?  If so, how?

Are there any “bullies” at your school?

Have you ever stood up for anyone being “bullied?”  How come?

Has anyone ever stood up for you?  How come?

Do you wish you could call Mommy or Grandma on the telephone as much as you wanted and visit at least every or every other weekend (unsupervised)?

Do you take a bath or shower in the morning before school, or at night, before bedtime?

Do you have an alarm clock, or do you wake up naturally at the same time every day?

Have you ever been grounded?

How are you disciplined?

Do you still like to play Memory Game?  Bingo?

How much television and video games time do you get on average every day?

What do you eat for breakfast, or do you get to eat breakfast every day?

Do you take or buy your lunch at school?  What do you normally take for lunch if you don’t buy it?

Have you ever been horseback riding?

Were you allowed to keep anything Mommy bought you?

What other kinds of interesting things have you gotten to do, or adventures that you would like to tell mommy about?

Do you keep a journal, or diary?

Are you getting enough privacy at home?

What makes you really happy?  What makes you really sad, or even angry or annoyed?

Who, or what, helps to calm you down and make you feel better?  How?

Do you still attract those killer mosquitoes, even with repellent (ha-ha)?

Do you mail out Christmas cards every year?

Do you wonder or remember your other side of the family with Mommy, like Pappy, Grandma, the girls, and George or Grandpa Ray?  Know that we all love and miss you very much, and even those family members who never did get to meet you (all Mommy’s aunts, uncles, cousins–your aunts, uncles, and cousins, too).  Your cousin, Jacob Daniel Saloom, who is just about a year younger than you, keeps your pictures above his bed and wishes he could meet you someday (lawfully, of course as Mommy would not try to kidnap you, nor keep you from the rest of your family). What about the family you never got to meet since we were so cooperative with Daddy’s strict court orders he paid for?   Do you wonder about them?

Do you use the bee-bee gun that your Daddy or his father and family bought you for Christmas right after they stole you from me?

Are you careful to wear a helmet every time you get on a bicycle?

Please tell me you are not allowed to ride quads and four wheelers or motorbikes, and certainly not unsupervised.


Do you ride the school bus to school?

Where do you go after school, or before school?

Are you getting plenty to eat every day?  What about fruits and vegetables?

Do you get to go to the beach?  Remember Galveston and jumping the waves with Mommy?

Do you remember going to the Festival of Lights with Mommy in Galveston around the last Christmas time you were with me in 2011?

Do you pick out and carve your own pumpkin every year?

Do you like carnivals and roller-coasters or the ferris wheel?

Have you been to the rodeo other than with Grandma Sue and George?  Do you have cowboy boots and a hat for Go-Texan day at school?

What field trips have you been on at school?  Which one was your favorite, and why?

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be, and why?

What is your favorite animal at the zoo?  Do you go often?

Are you acing your spelling tests every Friday?  Bonus words, too?

Have you ever been in a spelling bee?

Won any competitions at school, or outside of school?

What is an important value you have learned so far in your life?

At this time, do you think that someday you might  want to have your own family, or are you going to try to make as much money as possible and not worry so much about family?  Why or Why Not?

Did you enter the science fair at school if they have one at Lakewood Elementary School in Tomball, Texas (Harris County)?

Do you know your principal and assistant principal, counselor, school nurse, and librarian?

Which teacher, since kindergarten, or which teachers, have been your favorite or most influential in your life?  Why do you think that might be?

Do you have a best friend?  Do you prefer one or two really good friends, or a whole bunch of friends who are more like acquaintances?

Do you trust anyone?

How has what you and Mommy went through affected or changed the way you feel or think about authority figures, like policemen and other “helpers?”  judges?  “stepparents?”  grandparents?  counselors?  monitors?  supervisors?  “child helpers?”  doctors?  nurses?

 Has what we have gone through affected whether or not you trust your parents?  If so, how?

41.  Is anyone mean to you, or does anyone bully you at or outside of school?

42.  Do you ever talk to your counselor at school, or a coach?

43.  Are you healthy and happy and given the love and affection you had with Mommy?

44.  Are you being raised by three step-siblings instead of your real parents?

45.  Do you get into mischief?  Or are you the teacher’s pet, like Mommy used to be?

46.  Are you being raised by grandparents and step-grandparents instead of mommy and daddy?

47.  Do the people you live with understand your intelligence, wit, and sense of humor and special gifts and uniqueness?

48.  Are you allowed to be who you really are and feel at home and comfortable around the people with whom you have been living?

49.  Do you have a desk and a quiet space to do your homework, and everything you need for special projects and portfolios?

50.  How did you like Writer’s Workshop?

Are you a teacher helper in class?

Do you sometimes talk too much in class, or are you very quiet and serious in school?

Are you different outside of school?  If so, how?

What is your personality like?  How would you describe yourself?  How do you think others would describe your personality?

In what ways are you more like Daddy, and in what ways are you more like Mommy?  In what ways are you like neither of us?  What about your grandmas?

Do you get to see your cousins on your dad’s side, often?

What about your Grandpa John, Dee, and Jamie and Makayla and Mackenzie and the baby girl?

Do you have a favorite uncle?

How do you get along with Nancy and her children?  What about Nancy’s parents?  Grandma Diane?

51.  How did your project on a book in  The Boxcar Children series, the same one that Mommy used to read allowed to you, turn out?

52.  What did you learn when you studied The Constitution for the United States of America and Bill of Rights and Preamble this year?

53.  What was the theme for your last birthday parties?  Did you have one?  Where at?  Who came?  What kind of presents did you get?  Did anyone tell you I called and left voice mail messages for you to call me?  Do you know I would have given anything I could to be there?

54.  Is anyone trying to tell you that Mommy doesn’t care about you, that something is wrong with her, that she is “dead,” that you will never see her again, still telling you that they are going to “put Mommy in jail because she ‘can’t afford a lawyer,'” or making up nasty stories to keep you believing what isn’t true as you remember Mommy?  Are they saying I don’t want to see you?  If any of that is true, you must know that it is a lie.  I pray you find this blog in case anyone ever tries to move you far away, or worse, to continue to keep you away from me.  You must also know that what they have done is unlawful, unconstitutional, thus, illegal.  But try telling that to the police, or anyone else who has been lied to, maliciously, about Mommy.

These are only some of the questions that run through my mind, but not all.

I love you more than anything, “Julian- Jacob: ‘Worrell’ of family Saloom!”  Please find a way to call Mommy!  I wait for you to come home.  I told you I would never leave you until God made me.  I meant it.  I just hope and pray that God, that the Lord–the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, opens Daddy’s, and family’s, and their army of lawyers and courts and spies’ hearts and minds very soon, in our time–in TIME!  Too much time has been stolen, lost, taken, however one may want to put it.  Nevertheless, I hope you are happy and enjoying as “normal” a life as could possibly be expected given the circumstances forced upon us.

Love always, no matter what, unconditionally,

Your real mommy,

Joni -Faith: of family Saloom


One thought on “Julian Worrell’s Real Mommy Wonders (What a Mother Needs to Know) . . .

  1. Ummm, Yeah, some of these questions are down right scarry! Number 12? really? What kind of “real” mommy would ask their child that? A don’t ever think a fake mommy would and what is a fake mommy?


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