Dear Julian,

I can’t believe that your tenth birthday has come and gone in my absence.   You are now halfway through your fourth grade year in school at Lakewood Elementary in Tomball, Texas.  I get all of your report cards, and I am so unbelievably proud of you, and even if you didn’t make straight A’s, which of course you do.   I wish I knew what you liked.  I see that hoverboards were quite the rage this season.  That would have been so cool to have one when I was growing-up.  I wonder if this is something you have, or that you would like.  I often wonder what you like, and what kind of shows or movies you watch, and what toys you would want for your birthday and for Christmas.  Unfortunately, nobody will let you have them.  Pappy wanted to send you some money the last time we saw him, but he did not understand that he would have to “go to court” to speak to you (quoting Grandma Diane Worrell).

Of course, I have tried to call, and left voice mail messages to speak to you, or to try to arrange for you to see me on your birthday.  All my calls have been rejected.  Know that I miss you and love you every second of every single day.  I wait to hold you again, and to hear all about school and what is important to you.  Please remember this: No matter what happens on any given day, it will always be okay because you have a real mommy who loves you very much.  I am near.  I have never left you.  They are still keeping us apart.  You were right when you said, “But we did nothing wrong.”   Happy tenth birthday, and I wish we could be together to celebrate.  Thinking of you always–



Your Real Mommy


Joni Faith Saloom


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