Happy Mother’s Day/Child’s Letter to Mom: Love remains strong despite unjust Family Court order

I am living this nightmare with you, Em’ Court. Thank you for writing this for the ‘team’ of all the “‘Loving Mothers’/Maternally ‘Alienated’/’Mothers of Lost Children,'” kidnapped and trafficked children for public-private profiteering.

As much as I wanted to prepare something to get out to all of us, and any of our children who may want to find us, or know how much we love and are with them and thinking about them every day, it just wasn’t in me at the “current” n0n-time.

So, thank you, that I may reblog this on Julian’s Justice Journal.

I believe the tenor and facts of your posts are sufficiently similar to speak for so many of us. Thank you again for continuing to write.

Happy Mother’s Day to all, and wishing you the best.

Family Court Injustice

Another Mother’s Day without my children... who were forcibly taken from me by an unjust family court order issued in the Hennepin County Family Justice Center.

I grieve the loss of my children every day. In the midst of my pain is a bright shining star… My daughter painted this beautiful picture for me of an orange star surrounded by yellow and purple flowers (my favorite color!).

Inside the star she writes: “Mommy. Mommy. Thank you for the Easter gifts. You are the best mom no one would disagree I think. Happy Mother’s Day! Love.

(Heart sticker added to protect privacy of child)

From the day she was born, my daughter has brought joy into this world. She is lively as a firecracker but at the same time, enjoys quiet and time alone. She has a quirky sense of fashion that makes her one of a kind. Loves to laugh and…

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