Cheryl Harvick, CPS Worker Routinely Fosters Abuse

Dear Julian,

When You Grow-Up, You Should Know the Truth About this notorious Cheryl Harvick, below, CPS Program Manager, who, Along with worker, Lesly Damian-Murray [sic], and their “Team” Director, “Karen Coblentz,” Her Police Friend in City of Pearland, County of Brazoria, in Texas, for Daddy, his Notorious Attorneys, Judges (presiding judge, Lisa A. Millard and Associate judge, Conrad Moren), and Family Members, One of them a Former Clerk for a Federal Judge Impeached for Sexual Harassment in Houston Kidnapped/Abducted You Under Color of Law

Cheryl Harvick, CPS, County of Brazoria, Program/Pogrom Manager in City of Pearland and Notorious Child Abuser/Kidnapper


Cheryl Harvick, Pearland, TX, BRAZORIA COUNTY CPS Supervisor






Click on the Link below to Read About Cheryl Harvick’s NO Plausibility and Record of “Fostering” “Child Abuse.”

Stay away from Cheryl Harvick, Brazoria County CPS Program Supervisor, if you value your child(ren) and your life!  Take it from me, she kidnapped my child, lied, committed perjury under oath in a Harris County Court, covered-up allegations of sexual abuse of my then five year-old son who she handed right over to the alleged abuser and his baby-snatching maternal grandmother just months before he was scheduled to start kindergarten.  I haven’t been “allowed” any meaningful contact with my only child, my healthy, happy, adorable, highly intelligent, and profoundly witty little munchkin since the day she kidnapped him with four fully armed police officers–Officer Paul Elton of the Pearland Police Department, Sergeant William Lilly, Harris County Sheriff’s Office appointed Crimes Against Children Unit, Detective A. Alvarado of Pearland Police Department, and an Officer Brown.  She ignored four referrals and punished me because she was too lazy to get off her giant rear end to investigate.

Instead, she saw a chance to grab thousands in federal state block grant funding, to retaliate for my being forced to call the Office of Consumer Affairs in Austin, Texas to report a belligerent, re-victimizing, co-conspirator of my son’s father, Brazoria County investigator Lesly Damian-Murray, or, Lesly Damian, who colluded with malicious and retaliatory intent with knowledge of disastrous consequences for my son and myself and our futures with Cheryl Harvick, Karen Coblentz, Brazoria County CPS Program Director, possibly private “play therapist”/sex counselor (licensed by CPS), Kim A. Abernethy of Houston, Texas, Child’s paternal, infant-snatching grandmother in Houston, Texas, Sergeant William Lilly, Harris County Sheriff’s Office appointed by Sheriff Adrian Garcia, and Officer Paul Elton and the Pearland Police Department, Chief-of-Police with knowledge, Captain J. C. Doyle, and with their “community partners” at the Children’s Assessment Center/Child Advocacy Center in Houston, Texas (Harris County.
This woman is dangerous to all families and children, as are her incompetent and retaliatory staff.  If you don’t believe me, read my story (See menu on this blog site, The Story of How they Kidnapped my Five Year Old Son, and/or Press Release, Legal Kidnapping, Unlawful, Lives Destroyed in Brazoria and Harris County, Texas).  Do your homework on this one moms, dads, grandparents, and guardians or foster parents.  You can check out her piggish picture on this blog site by clicking the menu choice of How Harris County and the Badges Protected the “Best Interests” of a Mother and a Child.  She is the one with the bouffant hairdo.

Many thanks to The Houston Press writer/editor, Margaret Downing,  who had the misfortune to remember Harvick from twelve years ago when she first wrote this feature, “Fostering Abuse…” on March 27, 2003!


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