Mother Joni Saloom of Texas Discusses The UNLAWFUL Trafficking of Children Through Family Court, Police, and CPS Collaboration on T.S. Radio Show

My dearest little Julian,


Please know how hard mommy fought to defend us.

I discussed how you were abducted under color of law in Texas in May 2012 on Marti Oakley’s Radio Show, “T.S. Radio Show,” and on

Click on the links below to read and listen to the parts of our story that were allowed to be presented that have lead to what is now, in 2017, almost six years of unconscionable separation and no-contact.  You are now ten years old.

I am still heartbroken, and I have never gotten over you.  How could I?  I am your mommy, and you, my only son.  I waited twenty-eight years to meet you.  You were the little love of my life, part of my soul, my second heart, and you come from my body.


The extreme injustices I have been forced, unnecessarily, to endure, but just barely, defy all logic and reason.

You are now in the summer before your fifth grade year in school.  You are factually missing, and yet  nobody will actually HELP without a hundred thousand plus as the starting mark to go back to state court to try to see you and be represented by a licensed lawyer.  The future is in God’s hands, but please know this has, and is killing me as time passes by without a word or hearing your sweet little voice.

From people I have spoken to, and stories I have read just like ours, we are NOT alone, however. Still, all this time lost, human talent and potential and energetic resources wasted as the REAL criminals continue to retaliate and hunt and harass me, and Daddy and family, for nothing I did to them other than bear a beautiful, healthy, happy child, you, the best thing in my life, and, hopefully “Rockstar Dad” knows you were the best thing to ever happen to him, too.  I hope, pray, and have faith, that you DO Not grow up to “game,” and/or hurt people like this just because you think you can get away with it.  They still refuse to speak to me to even try to make peace for having you out of my body.


I love you, Julian Jacob “Worrell” of family Saloom.



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