Child Survivor of Reunification Therapy Speaks Out (Family Court Injustice)

I am posting this story of about teen, Hannah Mills, to raise awareness of the systemic failures in family court to protect children from abuse. And raise awareness of the horrors of “reunification therapy” imposed on children who are forced into having a “relationship” with an identified abuser. MY STORY: I have similar experiences in […]

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Judicial Barriers: Why the Supreme Court Should Not Impose an Additional Requirement on Rule 24 Intervenors

The UC Law Review Forum

Author: Kalisa Mora, Associate Member, University of Cincinnati Law Review

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedures were enacted to “secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action and proceeding.”[1] Pursuant to these rules, the federal courts possess a duty to exercise authority in a way that all cases will be resolved fairly. Unfortunately, rules that are ambiguous or not clearly defined can be interpreted in many different ways by these courts, causing confusion and variations of legal standards. When this occurs, it is the duty of the Supreme Court to resolve these issues and allay any doubt about what rule, standard, or interpretation governs.

The Supreme Court recently granted certiorari in a land dispute case to answer the underlying question of what the proper standard is for a party moving to intervene in a case.[2] The District Court held that the moving party could not intervene…

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Texas CPS Handbook Revision-September 1, 2017 (Angel Eyes Over Texas)

Editor Note: [Very] Important update. Please read. *** Not all of the links are complete yet. Handbook Revision, September 1, 2017 This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on September 1, 2017. CPS wants to ensure that the general public understands what critical actions caseworkers are required to perform and why. To further […]

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Julian Justice Post: Hurricane Harvey and Happy Back-to-School for Fifth Grade 2017-2018 for Julian Jacob Worrell, or, “J.J. Worrell” at Rennell Elementary School near Cypress, Texas

Happy Back-to-School for Fifth Grade 2017-2018, and Hopefully Survived Hurricane/Harvey

To:  Julian Jacob/ “J.J.” Worrell, with All the Love in the World from Your Mommy, Joni Faith Saloom

September 14, 2017 (Thursday)

Dear Julian,

You are NOW ten years-old.  Hurricane Harvey, one of the worst hurricanes to hit the continental United States in around twenty years, struck the Texas Gulf Coast (Galveston, Houston, and surrounding areas for hundreds of miles) the day before you were scheduled to start your first day of school.  I posted a couple videos and a picture of what Hurricane Harvey did to Cypress, Texas, and Pearland, Texas down below this journal entry for you to document things for you in a chronological order, and to show you that I am right here, very close by going through the same things, just on the other side of town.

So, anyways,  you must really be dealing with a lot right now.  Hopefully, it is also a time of excitement for you and new beginnings.  Mommy has had lots of them since you were legally and procedurally, but unlawfully, kidnapped and went missing under the color of law.

Against all Real and natural laws of God and humanity as we have always known it until a couple years after you were born when the world changed into one of corruption, lies, and lawlessness by those who are paid to “protect” us, I still have no idea where you are living after six years of no meaningful contact with each other when you were so abruptly ripped away from me. I was told I would never see you again for believing you and doing exactly what the doctor, policemen, and nurses told me I had to do to protect you and take you to the hospital.

I do not regret believing you.  I only regret believing in the lies we have been told, and obeying the codes which are lies and not laws.  Enforcing “visitation” starts at $50,000.00, which unfortunately, I do not have to hire a private, state family law lawyer at this time (a fact of which you used to inform me at two and a half and three years old that Daddy used to highlight when you were with he and Grandma).  But my darling, know this:  I have never stopped trying to talk to you and see you the only ways I knew how.  I am sure you know why, or by whom, those normal, peaceful ways are not working.

Please know that I have every Right, even legally, to know that you are SAFE, alive and well/healthy, and have everything you need.  I have tried to provide for you, but the corrupt family court system and state of Texas, and many alienating and retaliating individuals and sundry workers have systemically withheld even that from you and tried numerous times to lie about it, and much, much worse.

I promise you that I have tried so hard in ways I do not have time to explain, but that you can read about someday when you are older as I have kept so many journals for you.  I have documented everything that you may know Mommy did try to fight for you the only way she knew how, or had the money for after her career was sabotaged by proxy of the criminal/family court system, policy, and “professional” bylaws and codes for businesses to make money, but not for families and children.

I hope you are safe, well, and did not lose anything or your home with Hurricane Harvey and all the flooding.  I calmly, kindly, and rationally attempted multiple times to find out if you are okay and to have you call me, or to have someone call me and let me know you are okay.  I am so sorry I am prevented by lawless brut force, and a piece of paper that has no truth, basis in fact, evidence, logic, nor even appearance of justice (and is, therefore, not legal, but try telling that to security, agencies, and police/policy in a war on woman/mothers and children, and families, and even a lot of fathers who this happens to as well. I watched the family/divorce court system ruin my father’s life.  And now he is gone.

So, please understand why watching three generations of loving, intelligent, respectable families be ripped apart, separated, destroyed, and forced to lose their homes, fortunes, careers, jobs, friends, and children, for money and professional favors that profit those least worthy of it for being willing to knowingly accept it.

Please pray for God to open the hearts of those keeping us apart, and trying to break a natural bond that no man or woman can undo– the mother-child bond was born through, and lives inside of us both.  Scientists have recently revealed that the cells of any baby the mother carries live in her body for forty to fifty years, thus proving how connected and bonded mothers and their children are to one another.  Those who try to pretend one can “take away,” “remove,” “terminate,” and/or “restrict” or “regulate”/codify natural familial bonds that were forged in Heaven” are just faking it, and forsaking and wasting precious life and so many millions of moments and memories we could be having, sharing together–so much valuable time– that, tragically, so many other children who have lost parents to “death,” and, likewise, parents who have had to lose their children to the same, and so often without any warning.

You can imagine my worry if anything were to ever happen, as I would not even be notified, though, as again, I have every RIGHT as your natural and loving mother who proved to be fit right up until the day they stole you and everything we had, our lives together.

Recently, I did not get the chance to say goodbye to your Grandpa Ray, my father.  This, also, right before Hurricane Harvey.

This is why I so desperately try to reach out to you on this blog.  Every minute that goes by without you, and, reciprocally, you without me, is a lost opportunity, and a lost memory, and a little death.

A part of me dies every day, every hour that I am without you.  I do not expect you to feel the same way at your age.  So please, never think that, and NEVER feel guilty for hopefully being a happy child with a full life and a lot of activities to enrich your life, friendships, and family.  But life goes by really, really fast.  I just lost my dad, and never got to say goodbye to the one individual that would do anything in the world for me, no matter what, if he could.  That is the kind of unconditional love I have, and wish for you to always have from both of your parents, and friends and future family.

I hope one day you get to know, or at least meet all the family from Grandpa Ray and Grandma Sue’s families, too, and of course all your cousins and my cousins.  That is why I put all those pictures and captions of our relatives on your blogs, Julian.  Love is priceless.  Depriving someone of the opportunity is worse than criminal, it is, in my opinion, evil.


You probably just started getting adjusted to another school year (fifth grade) with new teachers and classmates in a fairly new school that may or may not be the same school  that I had to find out the hard way, and through much research, that Daddy had moved you to at the end of last school year at Rennell Elementary School in Cypress-Fairbanks (“Cy-Fair” Independent School District) in Cypress, Texas.

I made sure to get your report card, by-the-way on the last day of school as I had just learned that you were no longer enrolled at Lakewood Elementary School in Tomball, Texas.  I always love reading your report cards as they are the only clues as to how my once happy, healthy, funny, sweet as can be little boy is growing into a young adolescent.

I remember our first Houston Hurricane together.  It was Hurricane Ike, and you were about eighteen months to two years-old at the time.  We were living at your old favorite house on Sandy Creek Drive where I wish so badly we could have stayed.  We endured it alone and played games, music, school, and weathered the storm like champions because mommy couldn’t get to work, and you couldn’t get to pre-school.

In the heat of August in the sweltering, humid, South Texas suburban sun, we endured three weeks, like most other people in our neighborhood, without electricity (no air conditioning), no phone service, and we even got stuck in the house because the garage door got stuck and we couldn’t get out.  Tall trees all in our front and backyard were snapping, breaking, and falling.  One even hit the house.  It did, however, bring the basketball hoop in the driveway down a little bit lower so you could kind of be lifted up to reach it to dunk the basketball.  We got through that together.  Mommy protected you, and Mommy is still capable of protecting and providing for you.

I hope you have a wonderful year at school, and at night, dream about the good memories we used to have in your sleep, like when I used to read you to sleep and cuddle with you every night and we would say our prayers after bath time and brushing our teeth, racing under the stars around Memorial Park and Bear Creek Soccer park, going to the park to play, going to the swimming pool, watching “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and Christmas movies, opening presents on Christmas morning, playing Memory Game, singing your favorite songs in the car, dancing around the house, baking cookies, making smoothies, going Krogering together to get groceries (and always toys and treats), Soccer SuperStars, Tumble Team at Kids ‘R’ Kids, going to birthday parties at Monkey Business, painting and creating artwork.

Please behave for your teachers and principal and school officials and librarians and coaches.  They have VERY big jobs, and the stakes are very high if they do not succeed if helping you to be successful.  I would give anything I had to be in your life every day, and participate in your school and extra-curricular activities.  I hope someday those making the decisions wake-up to how they are hurting us, and all the family you don’t even know about.  Please say prayers for Grandpa Ray that his soul may be with our God and Creator, the Lord, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, yet somehow watching over us in “Heaven,” in a place where they may have more power than they did while on their spiritual journey on Earth.

I love you more than anything in this whole, wide world, Julian Jacob Worrell.  Thank God for the day I did meet your Daddy, because you have blessed our lives more than you know.  And don’t worry, be happy!  Afterall, you made it Here.  You were born.  So make the most out of life, and please do not squander, or, waste, any time holding grudges against friends, family, loved ones, and those really special friend/s that love unconditionally, and who will always forgive you and take the time to understand you and love and accept you for who you are.  Some people go their entire lives without finding that kind of a special friend.  Many people don’t even have parents, or maybe only one, who loves them like that.  You have two who love you like that.

I do hope you are searching for me like I am searching for you, and like I never give up on trying to get ahold of you.  Miracles do happen.  We have God within us.  Some people call it the indomitable spirit of man/(wo)man.  You, my dear, as are all children, a real-life, honest-to-goodness miracle.  You were the best thing that ever happened to me.  Please never forget that.



Jesus Rodriguez rescues Gloria Garcia after rain from Hurricane Harvey flooded Pearland, in the outskirts of Houston, Texas, U.S. August 27, 2017.REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Robin Karr-WFAA News Story (short video)

Robin Karr was deprived of all contact with her only daughter, Laura, for sixteen years (without cause), and Laura, reciprocally, from her brother, Matthew Duckworth, who was not removed from Robin’s home.

Miranda’s Mom — excerpt: Meanwhile, Miranda continues to be invisible. If left up to the powers that be she would remain that way.

Source: Miranda’s Mom — excerpt: Meanwhile, Miranda continues to be invisible. If left up to the powers that be she would remain that way.

Explosive: psychiatric diagnosis, Surveillance State linked by Jon Rappoport

Explosive: psychiatric diagnosis, Surveillance State linked by Jon Rappoport Explosive: psychiatric diagnosis, Surveillance State linked By Jon Rappoport Pay close attention to this one. It’s the future coming at you like a strong wind. First, a bit of background. As my readers know, I’ve assembled conclusive proof that psychiatric diagnosis of mental disorders is […]

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TS Radio Shut Down While Discussing Grazzini-Rucki Case

Red Herring Alert

Journalist and author, Michael Volpe says, “Broadcast was hacked twenty minutes in. Someone must not like what I’m saying about this case.

Listen Here: TS Radio:Mike Volpe & Sandra Grazzini..Minnesota, Dakota County battle continues

Hosted by Marti Oakley

Join us this eveing as Mike Volpe and Sandra Grazzini talk about the latest developments in what has to be THE divorce case of the century here in Minnesota.  Dakota County, notoriously infamous for its blatant corruption continues its aggression against the defendant.  Tune in for the latest in this extremely strange case.  Just goes to show you….money talks and can buy you all sorts of things in the right places!

Mike Volpe

Check out my new book Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and the World’s Last Custody Trial

“I always said no matter how much corruption there is, it’s never greater than the individual or the might of doing the right…

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Though the court has ruled Sandra Grazzini-Rucki too poor to pay for her own filings, her ex-husband’s attorney thinks she should pay for his. — The PPJ Gazette

Michael Volpe ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lisa Elliott, the long-time attorney for David Rucki, filed a notice for a taxation of costs- meaning she wants the other side to pay for the costs of filing- with the appeals court. In her response, Grazzini-Rucki’s attorney, Michelle MacDonald explained to the court that her client is a pauper. “Appellant, Sandra […]

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Daniella Pride-Dedication to Loving Mother Deprived of Children (“Forever Young”)

Judges Taking Bribes and Laundering Money? (Investigative Journalist Jan Phelan Interview with Sean Stone)

Diesel Therapy: Sandra Grazzini-Rucki’s Torturous Journey on Prison Transport

Justice for Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and Children

If you even possibly imagine how bad being locked down for 23 hours a day in a cell with a woman who just killed somebody could be, transport was a thousand times worse...” Sandra Grazzini-Rucki

A recent interview of Sandra Grazzini-Rucki on F.A.C.E. U.S. describes her torturous journey on prison transport that involved nearly a month of being shackled hand to foot, and placed in a dog cage, as she was driven in a jagged route from Florida to Minnesota from October-November 2015 after a sealed warrant was issued for her rest. At the time of transport, Sandra had no prior criminal history, and was not convicted of any crime.

Listen Here:The Grazzini-Rucki Story as You’ve Never Heard Before  

Diesel Therapy” – The Dangerous Route of Prison Transport

Prison transport is often referred to as “diesel therapy”, nicknamed for the exhaust fumes that permeate transport…

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Greg Hession-The Iron Triangle of Family Law (video)

Ted Taupier for Governor of Connecticut-Real Change Real Future AGAINST Family Court Corruption, Law Enforcement Corruption (short video)

Kash Jackson-“Parental Alienation”

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki maybe homeless, jobless, and penniless but that doesn’t mean should not be paying child support to her multi-millionaire ex-husband.

The PPJ Gazette

Michael Volpe


“The court acknowledged that Sandra Grazzini-Rucki is currently earns no money but used the concept of imputed income to justify its ruling.

Imputed income allows judges to base child support based on an income level the judge deems is reasonable even if the party is not currently earning that living.”


That was the peculiar ruling from the Minnesota Court of Appeals authored by Judge Jill Flaskamp Halbrooks.

Judge Halbrooks upheld a decision by Judge Maria Pastoor of the Minnesota’s First Judicial District who ordered Grazzini-Rucki to pay her ex-husband, David Rucki, $975 per month in child support.

David Rucki is a multi-millionaire who received 100% of the marital estate along with sole custody of their five children in an even more bizarre ruling by Judge David Knutson.

Pastoor’s original ruling was even more bizarre because she made the ruling while Grazzini-Rucki was incarcerated for helping to…

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Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains The connection between mother and child is ever deeper than thought

The Scientific American


Scientists Discover Children’s Cells Living in Mothers’ Brains
The connection between mother and child is ever deeper than thought

By Robert Martone on December 4, 2012

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Credit: iStock / Анастасия Попова

The link between a mother and child is profound, and new research suggests a physical connection even deeper than anyone thought. The profound psychological and physical bonds shared by the mother and her child begin during gestation when the mother is everything for the developing fetus, supplying warmth and sustenance, while her heartbeat provides a soothing constant rhythm.

The physical connection between mother and fetus is provided by the placenta, an organ, built of cells from both the mother and fetus, which serves as a conduit for the exchange of nutrients, gasses, and wastes. Cells may migrate through the placenta between the mother and the fetus, taking up residence in many organs of the body including the lung, thyroid, muscle, liver, heart, kidney and skin. These may have a broad range of impacts, from tissue repair and cancer prevention to sparking immune disorders.

It is remarkable that it is so common for cells from one individual to integrate into the tissues of another distinct person. We are accustomed to thinking of ourselves as singular autonomous individuals, and these foreign cells seem to belie that notion, and suggest that most people carry remnants of other individuals. As remarkable as this may be, stunning results from a new study show that cells from other individuals are also found in the brain. In this study, male cells were found in the brains of women and had been living there, in some cases, for several decades. What impact they may have had is now only a guess, but this study revealed that these cells were less common in the brains of women who had Alzheimer’s disease, suggesting they may be related to the health of the brain.

We all consider our bodies to be our own unique being, so the notion that we may harbor cells from other people in our bodies seems strange. Even stranger is the thought that, although we certainly consider our actions and decisions as originating in the activity of our own individual brains, cells from other individuals are living and functioning in that complex structure. However, the mixing of cells from genetically distinct individuals is not at all uncommon. This condition is called chimerism after the fire-breathing Chimera from Greek mythology, a creature that was part serpent part lion and part goat. Naturally occurring chimeras are far less ominous though, and include such creatures as the slime mold and corals.

Microchimerism is the persistent presence of a few genetically distinct cells in an organism. This was first noticed in humans many years ago when cells containing the male “Y” chromosome were found circulating in the blood of women after pregnancy. Since these cells are genetically male, they could not have been the women’s own, but most likely came from their babies during gestation.

In this new study, scientists observed that microchimeric cells are not only found circulating in the blood, they are also embedded in the brain. They examined the brains of deceased women for the presence of cells containing the male “Y” chromosome. They found such cells in more than 60 percent of the brains and in multiple brain regions. Since Alzheimer’s disease is more common in women who have had multiple pregnancies, they suspected that the number of fetal cells would be greater in women with AD compared to those who had no evidence for neurological disease. The results were precisely the opposite: there were fewer fetal-derived cells in women with Alzheimer’s. The reasons are unclear.

Microchimerism most commonly results from the exchange of cells across the placenta during pregnancy, however there is also evidence that cells may be transferred from mother to infant through nursing. In addition to exchange between mother and fetus, there may be exchange of cells between twins in utero, and there is also the possibility that cells from an older sibling residing in the mother may find their way back across the placenta to a younger sibling during the latter’s gestation. Women may have microchimeric cells both from their mother as well as from their own pregnancies, and there is even evidence for competition between cells from grandmother and infant within the mother.
What it is that fetal microchimeric cells do in the mother’s body is unclear, although there are some intriguing possibilities. For example, fetal microchimeric cells are similar to stem cells in that they are able to become a variety of different tissues and may aid in tissue repair. One research group investigating this possibility followed the activity of fetal microchimeric cells in a mother rat after the maternal heart was injured: they discovered that the fetal cells migrated to the maternal heart and differentiated into heart cells helping to repair the damage. In animal studies, microchimeric cells were found in maternal brains where they became nerve cells, suggesting they might be functionally integrated in the brain. It is possible that the same may be true of such cells in the human brain.
These microchimeric cells may also influence the immune system.

A fetal microchimeric cell from a pregnancy is recognized by the mother’s immune system partly as belonging to the mother, since the fetus is genetically half identical to the mother, but partly foreign, due to the father’s genetic contribution. This may “prime” the immune system to be alert for cells that are similar to the self, but with some genetic differences. Cancer cells which arise due to genetic mutations are just such cells, and there are studies which suggest that microchimeric cells may stimulate the immune system to stem the growth of tumors.

Many more microchimeric cells are found in the blood of healthy women compared to those with breast cancer, for example, suggesting that microchimeric cells can somehow prevent tumor formation. In other circumstances, the immune system turns against the self, causing significant damage. Microchimerism is more common in patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis than in their healthy siblings, suggesting chimeric cells may have a detrimental role in this disease, perhaps by setting off an autoimmune attack.This is a burgeoning new field of inquiry with tremendous potential for novel findings as well as for practical applications. But it is also a reminder of our interconnectedness.

Are you a scientist who specializes in neuroscience, cognitive science, or psychology? And have you read a recent peer-reviewed paper that you would like to write about? Please send suggestions to Mind Matters editor Gareth Cook, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist at the Boston Globe. He can be reached at garethideas AT or Twitter @garethideas.

Fatally Flawed Justice System: The Monopoly of the Corporate BAR Associations

Biological effects of SMART Meters 2013Burbank Action

Source: Fatally Flawed Justice System: The Monopoly of the Corporate BAR Associations

Witness Tampering Alleged in Rucki Case Appeal

The PPJ Gazette

Michael Volpe


As I previously wrote, at the time, Rucki not only hired Tannick but also maintained his longstanding attorney, Lisa Elliott, all while claiming in court he was on public assistance when arguing for child support.”


The blogger in the Rucki case previously accused of jury tampering is now being accused of witness tampering in a new appeal.

Dede Evavold filed a new appeal in which, among other legal issues, she argued that Michael Brodkorb engaged in a campaign to intimidate her.

Evavold was convicted for her role in hiding Samantha and Gianna Rucki, along with their mother, Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and Doug and Gina Dahlen.

The two Rucki girls ran away from home on April 19, 2013 and were found in November 2015.

The complaint stems from two incidents.

In one incident, Brodkorb called Evavold in September 2015 and surreptitiously recorded the conversation which he then…

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Personal Property (Chattels) — Parents Rights Blog

Personal Property (Chattels) Image: Personal property1 is generally considered property2 that is movable, as opposed to real property or real estate. In common law systems, personal property may also be called chattels or personalty. In civil law systems, personal property is often called movable property or movables – any property that can be moved from one […]

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The judicial system: Closed Union Shops violating your rights — The PPJ Gazette

Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved ______________________________________________ Several state supreme courts have quietly issued new “rules” that make it illegal (not unlawful) for anyone to help a pro se litigant assemble research or contribute in any way to presenting their case. These courts however, made no such ruling regarding the use of law clerks […]

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David Rucki Says Blog Threatens Him

Michael Volpe All rights reserved under the 1st Amendment regarding free speech. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Asphaug appears to be David Rucki’s personal judge. She presided over each of the four criminal trials in this case- Sandra Grazzini-Rucki, Dede Evavold, Dough Dahlen, and Gina Dahlen. Asphaug ruled to disallow nearly all of David Rucki’s criminal history and forced […]

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The True Intent Behind Counter-Cultural Gender Neutralization — REALITY BLOG

—=— “To believe in God is impossible. Not to believe in Him is absurd.” —Voltaire —=— This seemingly contradicting statement is in fact not at all a contradiction. But to rationalize its meaning, one must understand gender as it applies to grammar and language. Please allow me to extrapolate this French Enlightenment author’s apparent conflict […]

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Beverly Newman, Ed.D. Child and Elder Advocate, Author, and Journalist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our goal is to get hundreds of letters/emails in support of us sent to: Mike Pence /former Gov. of Indiana Richard Payne /Attorney for Indiana Supreme Court Judge Timothy Oakes/ Presiding Judge of the Marion Superior […]


Charlie Gard: No Agreement Over Where Baby Moved For Final Days — Parents Rights Blog

Charlie Gard: No Agreement Over Where Baby Moved For Final Days Hospital bosses and the parents of terminally-ill Charlie Gard have been unable to reach an agreement about where he will spend his final days. Connie Yates and Chris Gard had asked to be allowed to take their son home to die after ending their […]

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In The High Court Of Justice Family Division: In The Matter Of Charlie Gard — Parents Rights Blog

In The High Court Of Justice Family Division: In The Matter Of Charlie Gard In The High Court Of Justice Family Division FD 17 P OO13 AND FD 17 P 00358 IN THE MATTER OF THE INHERENT JURISDICTION OF THE HIGH COURT AND IN THE MATTER OF S.8 CHILDREN ACT1989 Between Great Ormond Street Hospital […]

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Britain Rejects Italy’s Offer to Treat Baby EU Court Said Must Die — Parents Rights Blog

Britain Rejects Italy’s Offer to Treat Baby EU Court Said Must Die By BREITBART LONDON 5 July 1017 LONDON (AFP) – Britain’s Foreign Minister Boris Johnson told his Italian counterpart on Wednesday that legal reasons prevented the transfer to Rome of a critically-ill British baby due to be taken off life support. “Minister Boris […]

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RICO Lawsuit Against County & District Clerks Association of Texas

Posted on August 4, 2011

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS (“FOTP”) Editor Files RICO Lawsuit Against County & District Clerks Association of Texas

Source :      The Ellis County Observer 

Thank you Joey Dauben!

July 17, 2011 by admin

Filed under Analysis

Freedom of the Press Group editor Lisa Fussell filed a gauntlet of a federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) lawsuit in Sherman last week. Fussell is our editor for the six Collin County newspapers FOTP Group has planned. This lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of the federal district in Texas, includes several plaintiffs — including Fussell’s sister, who lives in Midlothian — who allege the County & District Clerks Association of Texas of committing fraud, racketeering, money laundering and a mountain-full of other crimes. The petition (see documents below) is intense reading material. It’s been redacted of plaintiffs names (seven in all) for publication, but it is public record in the court file system.
Some excerpts:
(emphasis added)
“…create a criminal enterprise under the misrepresentation of a Government Office, for the express intent to reclassify Plaintiffs as offenders, or abusers to meet a condition precedent for COUNTY DISTRICT CLERK’S ASSOCIATION OF TEXAS (” CDCAT”)  to fraudulently qualify Plaintiffs’ family and children for CDCAT Multiple Employer Welfare Benefit Plan and Trust.”
“…entered into various Rule 11 agreements absent Plaintiffs’ consent, discussion, or agreement. Plaintiffs are still unable to obtain a record or accounting of such Rule 11 agreements. Said actions constitute a serious Breach of Fiduciary Duty, and Plaintiffs request this court to issue relief as allowed by law.”
“20.      Various District County Courts issued a “General Order,” which is described as a standing order to protect property and children pending litigation of a divorce or child custody order. .. Included in the standing order is the following:
“No party to this lawsuit requested this order. Rather, this order is a standing order of the Collin County District Courts that applies in every divorce suit and every suit affecting the parent-child relationship filed in Collin County. The District Courts of Collin County have adopted this order because the parties and their children should be protected and their property preserved with the lawsuit is pending before the court.”
21.      Defendants created the standing order which has the same effect as a Protective Order under Texas Family Code Section 85. The rules of procedure are significantly different for processing cases in which the parties are parties to a Protective Order verses processing a court case when the parties are free from such.
Readers and researchers will see one phrase used repeatedly, and the context of this is crucial to understanding the entire case. Lisa Fussell is not just any editor of mine. Her father is the architect of an investment vehicle Collin County’s government implemented for themselves:
Multiple Employer Benefit Plan
“Said order, reduced to writing, will also include multiple clauses and contractual terms as necessary for Defendants to process the Divorce Decree as a contract which purports the parties agree to participate in Defendants’ Multiple Employer Benefit Plan.”
This is pretty powerful verbiage too, as this gets to how the judiciary in Collin County (and probably all over the country) is basically one gigantic corporation:
Certain Plaintiffs represented themselves through the duration of their cases. A significant amount of Defendants success depends on misrepresentation by association attorneys. Absent this advantage, Defendants resort to wholly falsifying court documents or tampering with government documents. Plaintiff, [redacted by publisher], had previously divorced in Collin and Grayson Counties.
Through the course of [redacted by publisher]’s present involvement with Defendants, CDCAT completely rewrote Plaintiffs previous Divorce Decrees, which were entered by the presiding judge after her ex-husband signed a 2002 waiver under the waiver provision.
Defendants fraudulently rewrote the orders as Agreed Orders moreover adding provisions into the order that enrolled [redacted by publisher]’s children so as to receive benefits from the Multiple Employer Benefit Plan. Defendants not only added and rewrote the previous orders, but moreover forged [redacted by publisher]’s signatures, backdated clerk stamps and substituted Official Notary Statements.
So, what happens when one goes up against the “Corporation?”
“The Honorable Judge John Roach, Jr. forewarned her of his intended retaliation a month before the DA filed the charges.”
“[Another plaintiff] was falsely imprisoned on a court order that was never set for hearing.”
“[Another] Plaintiff was indicted on a court order that was vaguely rendered that does not exist.”
A list of the generalities that are being alleged that the County & District Clerks Association of Texas committed:
Federal RICO Predicate Acts or Crimes Alleged:
1.      Abuse of Process
2.      Statutory Fraud
3.      Fraud of Nondisclosure
4.      Bad faith
5.      Defamation
6.      Malicious Prosecution
7.      Mail obstruction and unlawful mail opening
8.      Negligent Misrepresentation, and
9.      Conspiracy
The plaintiffs filed suit against the County & District Clerks Association of Texas (CDCAT), which is “under the authority of the International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers ( IACREAOT ),” specifically alleging the following:
[Emphasis by The Ellis County Observer publisher]
–> Plaintiffs recently discovered check dispersing of substantial sums of money from the court Registry of certain court cases in which Plaintiffs’ children are designated in the Odyssey System as “Secured Parties”
–> Defendants further retaliated against Plaintiffs who unsuccessfully inquired about the registry checks utilizing various forms of intimidation which included abuse of power. Plaintiff, contacted the presiding officer of the commissioner’s court, Keith Self, about the Registry disbursements in Collin county that where discovered in the family law case. (See exhibit B).
Within five days, said Plaintiff was brought before the court in a disposition for the family law case, however, the disposition was a unexplainable thrust on plaintiff mere days after his inquiry to Judge Self. The family law councilor questioning him focused the “deposition” to the subject of the inquiry to Commissioner Self.   A few examples are “have you been harmed in some way because of any money transferred in the Registry”, and “what do you think the checks you saw written in the Register mean to you?”

Unfortunately, rogue criminals in government, law enforcement, and the “Joeys” in TX, CT, and other states most likely employed by said criminals or otherwise trading for favors from Administrative Office of Court Personnel in various state and county government offices and courts (to include Connecticut and state of Texas courts) hijacked the following information that is and should remain public knowledge pursuant to compliance and transparency laws.  We hope that they realize that the New Committee on Un-American Affairs and Activities is Watching and also has their own contacts on High.
With regard to the what would appear to be a vicious and malicious set-up that sentenced Joey Dauben to four consecutive ten year sentences for daring to help provide much needed–the only–media attention to a mother and child victimized by reported pedophile rings in and around Ellis County, Texas, and other places, one is free to conduct one’s own research at one’s peril.

Author of this post has been stalked, harassed, and planned set-ups and entrapments–on top of those already committed in 2007 in Harris County, Texas (Houston), on knowledge and belief–have been set and laid.  Nevertheless, the truth, bold as a lion, needs no defense as it shall make itself known in God’s time, the right time.  “Woe unto you Pharisees, Scribes, and Hypocrites” (Matthew 23:23, The Holy Bible, all real versions).

It is most unfortunate that the same individuals who claim to “protect” and “help” children are the criminals destroying their lives and taking away their real mommies and daddies with most harmful and unsafe, catastrophic consequences that will greatly subtract from any and all “socio-economic” “benefits” to society.

[Word Document | Click Here to Read, Download or Print | Federal Lawsuit vs. CDCAT]
[PDF | Click Here to Read, Download or Print | CDCAT Bylaws]

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See Also: Brooke Muncie-Weltzer Bogus Kidnapping Arrest; McKinney Cops Cover-Up
See Also:      ARC of Texas Process in Texas Courts System

The ARC operates also through Harris County, Texas family “civil” courts (to include the 310th)–through CPS and Child Advocates, Inc. and the Children’s Commissioner’s Court (County Attorney Vince Ryan, Judge of Judges, Ed Emmett, and William Sumpter Frazier in the 310th Court with the help of GAL/AAL Donna Everson).
ARC Chart Below:


1.       Academy of Special Needs Planners
2.      ARC (Non-Profit Corporation), CAPTA funded, contracted services based counseling and parenting classes provider
3.     Municipal District
4.    Court System Players, especially the Clerks and Coordinators and Court Recorders and Bailiffs
1.     Title IV-D (Attorney General), Office of Child Support Enforcement (“OCSE”)
2.     Department of Family and Protective Services for the state of Texas (“DFPS”), (CPS Division)
3.     Judges
4.    Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase Bank
5.    Psychologists / Home Study Experts
6.    Special Needs Attorneys
7.    Abusive Parent
8.    Our Children
9.    Protective Parent
10.   Law Enforcement at ALL levels, from top to bottom
11.  District Attorneys and Assistant and Deputy District Attorneys and their Minions and Cronies (DA’S, A.D.A.’S, Special Prosecutors, such as those for the Children’s Commissioner’s Court for CPS)
1. The Court orders Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
2. The Special Needs Attorney determines the wealth of the family
3. One of the parent becomes the target of the courts, DFPS, and law enforcement
4.   To obtain evidence the Court orders a psychological exam and a home study
5.   The Court utilizes the evidence to build an adverse case against one parent
6.   They build a stronger case, DFPS testifies in Court about the Targeted Individual’s speciously and scurrilously alleged drug problem, child abuse, mental or emotional instability, financial or career or “domestic violence” problems as will be falsely alleged as a matter of law and routine practice and procedure,
7.   Judge “removes” “conservatorship” rights
8.   Special Needs Attorney assumes temporary guardianship using the temporary guardianship form
9.   Working in cooperation with DFPS and the ARC program – the children are labelled with special needs
10.   A trust fund is established by the Special Needs Attorney vis-a-vis the ARC
11.   Bank of America and JP Morgan Bank then invests the money or borrow against assets
12. The trust fund is overseen by the municipal districts and the Title IV-D Office (Office of the Attorney General of Texas, Office of Child Support Enforcement/”OCSE”)
13.  “Collaborative,” or, “Unified” Memoranda of Understanding (“MOU’s”) (contracts) between “Partner” “Community” Organizations and “Key Stakeholders” (Beneficiaries)–basically all mandated first reporters and all government partners such as law enforcement, “mental health” providers, service providers, medical doctors, dentists, teachers, daycare workers, social workers, police officers, domestic violence/”battered women’s” shelters, etc.

Outcome $$

1.      Pooled Trusts

2.      Liens

2.      Domestic and international 501C corporations

3.      Retirement Funds

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