How to get your kids’ school records if divorced/non-custodial parent

Below is one way to obtain school records for a child to whom access has been completely restricted or otherwise unlawfully and unconstitutionally modified without due process of law.  However, I have found the Freedom of Information Act/Public Information Act not to be ineffective (where student not lawfully in private school), to wit:

This Public Information Act Request/Freedom of Information Act/Open Records Act, Pursuant to (Public Law or Statute Here if Known for Your State), Request for School Records is being made of the school: __________________.

REQUESTOR   _____________________, (relationship to child here)

       C/o  (Address Here)


REQUESTED INFORMATION  Any and all documents and records pertaining to the child identified below, including, but not limited to:

  1.       Admission/Enrollment/Pre-/”Registration” Records
  2.      Emergency Contact Records and Updates
  3.      Attendance Records
  4.      Grades, Standardized and Non-Standardized Test Scores and Aptitude Tests, both Verbal and Written
  5.      Reports (including incidents), Referrals, End-of-Year and all  other  Recommendations, Observations, Notes, Teacher/Staff Comments or opinions
  6.      Any and all Medical, Dental Files, and Immunization Records
  7.      Conduct/Citizenship, and/or Disciplinary or Behavior and Behavioral  Reports
  8. Journal Entries/ Portfolios/Projects (Copies)
  9.   I “request” to be continuously mailed any and all of the aforementioned information as my son ages and progresses in his academic career at __________ School, and also within ________Independent School District or, if said student should transfer, the forwarding address and name of school and any and all information that may be forwarded immediately.

Reply Requested Via:    USPS Mail/E-mail



Full Name:    ________________________

SSN:     XXX-xx-XXXX

DOB:     _______________

______________________________                        _________________________

Signature of Requestor                                  Date of Request/Signed

Please respond within ten (10) business days of receiving this correspondence.

Cc: ________________________________________

(School District Superintendent and/or Assistant to Superintendent of Schools, or, alternatively, Principal and Assistant Principal of School and School or Attendance Secretary)


How to get your kids’ school records if divorced

by Linda Shelton

at Pro Se Chicago,

This was recommended by David Bambic and Heather Stern.

Help with getting School records here is the format that is used at any and all schools works in 50 states.
Subject: fepra letter/REQUEST FOR FILES

XXXXXX Middle School

RE (XXXXXX X XXXXXX) D.O.B. (XX/XX/XXXX) S.S. (ss number)
SEVNTH (seventh )

Dear Principal Please send complete records of the
above student, my (son or daughter), to me at the above

Test results, application forms, cumulative scholastic
records, enrollment records, health records, and any
other information concerning my (son or daughter), are
also requested. Please include grades of all subjects
to date. If the grading system is in the least
unusual, please include an interpretation. Also please
include all “shot” records, vaccination records, and
immunization records, insurance records, counsellor’s
reports, accident reports, incident reports,
enrollment cards and report cards. You are also
requested to include all records of or involving
psychological counseling, testing, etc.

In addition, please send me copies of all
“developmental evaluation”, psychological and
psychiatric evaluations, test results and reports,
Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) reports.
Division of Social Services reports, home studies,
custody evaluations, copies of any and all requests
received from any source concerning (FULL NAME OF CHILD)
as well as any other documents, reports,
correspondence and the like in (FULL NAME OF CHILD)
file. Please send copies of all documents related to
or in connection with any case worker or social worker
investigation, interviews, etc. I, also, request that
I receive copies of all notices and material sent to
the custodial parent.

I also request that copies of all of the
aforementioned type of reports, etc. that become
available as (FULL NAME OF CHILD) progresses through the
(XXXXXXXX Middle School ) be sent to me as they become part of his record or are available to the school. As you are most likely aware, being a professional educator in the teaching and/or school administration profession, Federal Law requires that I be furnished all of the above information. Your attention is directed to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy act (FERPA), Public Law 93-380, Title 20, USCA Section 1232(g), et. seq. and Title 20, USCA Section 93-568 et seq. As you also know, and your local school board lawyer will be glad to confirm and verify this for you, Federal Law requires that this information, files, papers, documents, etc. cannot be kept from me and must be released to either parent if requested. This is a formal written request, pursuant to the above cited FERPA. In the event any of the above requested reports or information is legitimately confidential by law, and not allowed to be released to me, I request that the rest of this request be considered separately, and an itemized list of the reacted items be included. Sincerely, PARENTS FULL NAME